We have high speed envelope & polythene enclosing machines helping to achieve those sometimes impossible deadlines.         

Along with our machine fulfillment we have an incredibly efficient hand fulfillment team with over 100 years collective experience fulfilling all kinds of mailing projects.

Mail Fulfilment Mailmerge Printing

Mailing out your letters couldn’t be easier with mailmerging, all you need to do is send us your letter template and database and we can populate all of your letters with your contacts or customers names and addresses. We can personalise your letters and add your signature too.

Mailsort Processing

Producing mailings can initially appear to be an expensive marketing option. At Rapid Mailing we can offer many different options to reduce the cost of your mailings, we can offer mailsort, cleanmail, walksort, packetsort, and more. Using not only Royal Mail but also downstream access companies to obtain the cheapest options for your mail.

Pick and Pack

For those complicated projects that have one of these and 5 of those we look after your whole pick and pack project.

From storing over a period of time for those ongoing projects to one off projects we take care of it all from start to finish.

Daily Fulfilment

We are capable of printing and fulfilling your invoices on a daily basis, if you have regular mailings of invoices and your staff do not have the time in their busy schedules to be filling envelopes allow us at Rapid Mailing to do it for you. With very competitive prices all you need to do is send us your files each day and we can print and mail them on your behalf. If you’re using stamps we can even save you money with your postage, regardless of how few you send out.


From your simple 2pp leaflets to your finished multi page booklets we take care of it all in house under one roof.

Our B1 Litho press takes care of the large runs whilst our digital machines including the impressive IGEN 4 and Xerox 700 series cost effectively look after the smaller projects.


Our finishing area takes care of all forms of folding, Guillotining, Booklet Making, laminating and much much more.

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